Wim Rijsbergen : Mr.Sit Nicely

Hope is vanished. Dream is shattered. Indonesia must accept a bad faith after ugly defeat by Qatar in the 4th match of World Cup 2014 pre-qualification Zone Asia last night.

Indonesia came to Qatar with heavy burden to take their first point in this qualification. In 3 earlier matches Indonesia was defeated by Iran, Bahrain and Qatar.

It was very important for Indonesia not to lose in this match. Even Wim Rijsbergen put senior goalkeeper who had not been in the national squad for years. Hendro Kartiko, the Indonesia Fabian Barthez, guarded Indonesian net. Perhaps as the one of the player who defeated Qatar in Asian Cup eight years ago, Wim hoped Hendro would bring his luck for the team.

Indonesia played with defensive formation 4 – 1 – 4 – 1. Wim tried to strengthen Indonesia midfield by placing Purwaka Yudhi as defensive miedfielder instead in his original position as centreback. But the plan went wrong after Indonesia failed to handle Qatar’s aggressive play.

Qatar led 2 goals away in the first half and added two other in second half. 4-0 for Qatar and Indonesia’s dream of world cup is ended.

Wim Rijsbergen, again becomes the target of critic. Wrong placement of player and wrong strategy.

Eventhough Wim’s coaching period is full of problems like lack of time to know the players and the competition in Indonesia has not started yet, Wim is failed to meet the expectation because all those bad results.

Another critic for Wim is in every game, he just sits nicely in the bench during 90 minutes of the game without giving any orders and any motivations for the player. Wim is like running out of solutions in every games.

Contradictive to Wim, the Coach of Qatar, Sebastiao Lazaroni, was the busiest coach, yelling to his team, giving them spirit eventhough they are the winning side.

The Indonesian Football Organization is now also the target of Indonesian supporters anger. The changing from Alfred Riedl to Wim Rijsbergen is one of their fatal decisions. They made it worse by changing the assisten from an experience man, Rahmad Darmawan, to Liestiadi.

Indonesia still has 2 games left but even if Indonesia win in those matches, their dream is still gone.


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