Year 2012 day 8th. While i’m waiting “band of brothers replacements” download to be finished. Damn disconnect. Have to start all over again!!!. I’m addicted to this Band Of Brothers series since my friend at the office recommended this movie to me. Watched until episode 3 before the CD jammed and i must search for this movie on the net.

What is your dream? I talked about this in my broadcast last friday on the radio. Together with my compatriot, Ferry, we talked about new year resolution and ended up in dream and dreaming topic.

Dream, one simple word but hard to answer. Everybody dreams everytime they sleep. But dream in real life is something that one want to have, want to be or want to do. Some figure out their dream another find dark abstract picture about dream.

To know your dream is to know what you want in this life. Dream is a goal. Dream is an achievement of life. Dream is the path of life. Dream is the prize of the struggle that we go through.

However it is no easy to know your dream. You need to ask your heart. You need to be in silence, peacefull state of mind to figure out your dream. Well i don’t say that in the chaos situation you can not recognize your dream, but i prefer the silence, because you need to think over and over for a dream. Which one will you have is up to you.

To know your dream is one way to execute your dream is another way. Sometimes it’s just that easy to get your dream but sometimes it takes a lot of pain to make it come true.

All we need is believe. Strong believe in our heart. The way to make a dream is sometimes a bumpy road. It will be that easy to make you desperate in searching your dream. Strong believe will make you run no matter what kind of obstacle is in your way.

Beside believe, we also need an action plan. A leap begins with a small step. A big dream starts with the small one. Try to translate your big dream into plans. Reach your dream step by step. For example if you are dreaming of having a car, you can start by saving your money. Yet you can try to jump instead but becarefull of the consequences, every options has consequences.

So what’s my dream? I remembered when i was in college, my lecturer asked me what was my dream. I said i wanted to be a writer. After i graduated i started to make short stories, sent them to newspaper, hoping they would appear in sunday edition. But i failed. I know that my writing skill need to be improve especially in making story. But this failure cannot stop me. I found another way to execute my writer dream by making my own blog. Until this day i keep writing in my blog, and some people come, read, and comment on my blog. I have become a writer although in my own personal blog. It doesn’t matter because i feel happiness and satisfaction with this way. Dream is something that make you joy.

Once i dream of becoming an adventurer. Traveling to another countries, see the world. This dream is not started yet but i still keep it because i heard “once you stop dreaming then you stop living”.

So find out your dream and make it come true.


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