Fight For Asia 2013 : One Broke One Wealthy

I suppose there are many headlines both in news site and newspaper that uses word “shame” to describe controversy within Persibo Bojonegoro match against Sunray Cave SC in the AFC Cup.

Well, i’m not going to make Persibo’s burden heavier by using the word shame. It’s been for months Persibo hit by financial crisis. All the players are not receiving salary, they only get fee ( perhaps daily or weekly) from the club. Moreover non of the players have signed professional contract eventhough they have gone through several matches in Indonesian Premier League and AFC Cup.

In the third match of AFC Cup, Persibo almost gave up because of financial crisis. They do not have more fund to follow the tournament. Thankfully PSSI ( Indonesian FA ) helped them by donating 200 million Rupiah just to make sure they played. The Indonesian FA did this because if Persibo withdrew from the tournament it would effect on Indonesian slot for next season’s tournament ( AFC give 2 slots for Indonesian club ).

The tragedy in Hongkong at 9 April 2013 started with the uncertainty whether they would go or not to Hongkong. Finally on monday evening they took off to Hongkong and just brought 12 players because, once again, they didn’t have enough money to carry full team. Well, it’s not their first experience only carry 12 players. On the first match against Yangoon United they also just had 12 players to play in Myanmar. But there were another reason for the first experience beside lack of money, some players could not go because their travelling document were not finished by the time they must took off to Myanmar.

Yangoon United vs Persibo ( 26th February 2013 )
Yangoon United vs Persibo ( 26th February 2013 )

The summary of the game are Persibo conceded 7 goals in the first half and the match was stopped at 65th minute because of 5 Persibo’s players were injured and could not continue the game.

Yes, most of people would say “pathetic” “ashame” about Persibo’s sad story. But i think it’s unfair to say that to a club which has lot problems because of the crisis. I will not blame the players since they are still questioning about their future with the club and since they still don’t find comfort because “the no salary” condition.

However Persibo have comitted to continue their participation in Indonesian Premier League and AFC Cup eventhough with bad condition. They have meet local government to help them to find solution. The meeting that took place on 1st April 2013 also involved local businessmen. The conclusion of the meeting is to make local consortium to fund Persibo next year with one condition that needs to be fulfilled by Persibo, they must enter the unification League ( A joined League between Indonesian Super League and Indonesian Premier League according to Indonesian FA Congress which will be held next year ).

On the other side, Indonesia’s another representative in The AFC Cup, Semen Padang, made smooth run in the tournament after defeating Hongkong side, Kitchee SC at Haji Agus Salim Stadium last Wednesday.

This third victory put them in the first place in the Group E and ensure their place in the knockout stage along with Al-Kuwait, Arbil and Kelantan FA.

One sad one happy. Persibo is broke while Semen Padang is wealthy club ( it can be said Semen Padang is a star team in the Indonesia Premier League and never has issue about their financial condition). It just shows how money can effect not just on the club’s operational but also on the spirit of the players.


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