Football Comedy

Was it some kind of a show about dumb people playing football? No it wasn’t. It’s the third round Indonesian Premiere Division. It’s official match but it ended as a joke.

PSS Sleman and PSIS Semarang join Group N in the third round along with PSGC Ciamis and Persiwa Wamena. They fought for two tickets to semifinal which later won by PSS Sleman and PSIS Semarang. Before the group last match on 26 October 2014 in Semarang, both team had already qualified for the semifinal. PSS Sleman sat at the top of the table with 14 points and PSIS semarang as runner up.

This was when the match become some sort of comedy. PSIS in the final match played PSS Sleman. Should had been a relax match as they already advanced to the semifinal. But they decided to put on some jokes there by scoring to their own goal. They played in their own area for 80 minutes without any desire to score and to play normal football.

The first own goal created by PSS Sleman in 86′ after they just played the ball in their defensive area. Second own goal from PSS Sleman, this one was a beautiful goal actually, was a curling shot from the flank area and the goalkeeper deliberately moved forward chasing the ball. It’s some kind of drama because after that magnificent shot, the player seemed to be regret it.

The score now was 2-0 for the home side which was PSIS Semarang. They responded the “gift” from their opponent by giving their opponent another two own goals even three own goals. The first own goal was similar to Paul Robinson’s failure when he played for England against Croatia in Euro 2008 campaign. After another two own goals which made the score 2-3 for PSS Sleman, PSIS player had to become a defender for PSS Sleman to avoid another own goal from PSS Sleman players. The match ended with the victory of PSS Sleman. The score was PSIS 2 – 3 PSS Sleman. All goals were own goals.

Both team reason was they didn’t want to meet Pusamania Borneo FC in the semifinal. The runner up from Group P. Rumour said that it’s a bad luck to play against this newcomer in the premiere division because eventually, no matter how hard they tried, Borneo will be promoted to Indonesian Super League ( ISL ) next season. But it’s still rumour and we don’t know the truth about it. FYI, Pusamania Borneo FC is a newcomer in indonesian football. It was founded by a group of supporters of Pusamania FC that play in ISL in March 2014. The group bought a premiere division club, Perseba Bangkalan, and moved it to their homebase in East Borneo. Their last match in Group P was walkout match since their opponent, Persis Solo, didn’t attend the game because of no security guarantee from Pusamania Borneo FC.

The Disciplinary Comittee of Indonesian FA had given their decision upon this problems. First the disqualification of PSS Sleman and PSIS Semarang from the competition. Second, the rematch between Persis Solo vs Pusamania Borneo FC. It’s not their last decision because they will hold another investigation upon the football comedy incident and also another walkout match that occured in Group N.

Reflecting on another case of football comedy like that, usually the punishment is only for the players who make the own goal and some fine for the club. But is it fair when the “brain” or “the director” of this shameful act escape from punishment?. Hopefully the punishment which will be given later is not only for the executor, in this case the players, because they only did what they told to do. Also i hope that the investigation can reveal the rumour that become the reason this own goals tragedy.

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